Posted by: Kempite | November 22, 2008

An Opening Shot In New Jersey’s Race For Governor

With the elections of 2008 over and done New Jersey joins with only one other state, Virginia, in preparation for their own statewide elections and the choosing of their Governors in November of 2009.

For New Jerseyans it is going to be a an unusually competitive race, or so it is expected to be.

Incumbent Democrat Governor Jon Corzine has reigned over a state that is in crisis. It is a crisis of affordability, confidence and faith in government.

Since coming to office the former Goldman Sachs, big wig, and United States Senator has failed to shape circumstances and instead has allowed himself to been shaped by circumstances. The lack of leadership between himself and the Democrat controlled state assembly and senate has been nothing but a liberal menage~a~tois that has resulted in an orgy of tax increases, raised fees, rampant government, corruption and the stifling of any and all of the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels jobs and our economy.

The lack of innovative solutions coming out of Trenton and the inability to cope with deepening state problems has left the current administration helpless and the people of the state have become hopeless. They have come to simply accept the inevitable increases in tolls that Democrats impose almost annually. They have become accustomed to increased taxes on everything from joining a gym to planting shrubs in their garden.

But the coming election offers residents of New Jersey a glimmer of hope. Just as the mantra of “change” ushered in a new leadership for the nation, it seems to be doing so for New Jersey too. The current upside down poll numbers of Governor Jon Corzine are proof that change is among the many smells in New Jersey‘s air.

So Republicans are beginning to feel optimistic about our chances in November of 2009.

In this years election for Governor several promising names are lurking on the horizon. Some of those names have the name recognition and financial resources needed for maneuvering the unique road that comprises statewide campaigns in New Jersey.

Relatively small in size, New Jersey is a patch of land connecting New York to Philadelphia and with no media market of its own, candidates must raise the money to get their messages out through the New York, the most expensive media market in the nation, and Philly, the third most expensive market in the nation.

That, and the fact that Republicans will be running against a multi-millionaire who literally funded and bought his last three elections with the money out of his own pockets, is reason for a dwindling down of the list of potentially good Republican candidates who could wage an aggressive campaign.

It may come down to former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie. His successful efforts combating crime in New Jersey have garnered him incredibly positive and popular name identification and with that, the ability to raise the funds needed for a campaign race.

The nomination fight could also involve John Crowley, a wealthy, New Jersey, political outsider who has a heart of gold and the pockets to match it. He is an innovator and an achiever. After establishing a bio tech company for the purpose of saving his newborn children from a rare and fatal disease, John Crowley has proven himself to have the determination and ability to solve problems and improve lives.

For a more comprehensive assessment of the shaping field visit the parent blog of this one POLITICS 24/7.

Whoever the nominee is though, they will be participating in a first for New Jersey. In 2009 New Jersey will be electing a Lieutenant Governor.

The constitutional amendment creating the position states that the gubernatorial nominee select their own running mate for Lieutenant Governor and the two run together on the ticket.

The lack of one, frequently left New Jersey in many awkward positions. After Governor Christine Whitman became Director of the E.P.A. during her last year in office, power was transferred to the Senate President. That is not the best of situations. It enables one person to control the governor’s office and one of the other two legislative branches of government, at the same time. Such a consolidation of power severely inhibits the checks and balances of the system.

After Whitman’s departure, there was the Jim McGreevey, “I am a gay American “ and corruption fiasco which led to his resignation. Then little more than a year after Jon Corzine became the duly elected Governor, he was almost killed as his chauffer driven S.U.V. collided with a guard rail on the Garden State Parkway at somewhere near 90 miles per hour.

As result, once again New Jersey had itself an Acting Governor who was also the senate president, at the same time.

Hopefully our future sitting Governors will be spared from death and scandals while in office, but this Jersey, and anything—anything is possible. That is why the position of Lieutenant Governor is welcomed and long overdue.

As pointed out earlier, there are circumstances which prohibit some Republicans from running for Governor but with the position of Lieutenant Governor now coming to fruition, there are opportunities for other capable, talented, accomplished individuals to join the ticket. And that brings us to State Senator Jennifer Beck.

Although she does not yet have the resources that other potential Republican gubernatorial candidates have, she does have the brains, creativity, determination, endurance and record of accomplishment that other potential gubernatorial nominees should have. In fact, in many cases Jennifer Beck has an even better ability than some of them.

It is because of this that I have embarked upon this grassroots effort to demonstrate support for the selection of State Senator Jennifer Beck as the Lieutenant Governor on the GOP ticket.

Critics will claim that it is silly of me, or of others, to start rounding up support for the number two sot on a ticket that does not have its number one spot pinned down.

To answer them I would unequivocally state that to not do so would be silly. Especially in the case of State Senator Jennifer Beck. For a more detailed description of Jennifer Beck, click on the first tab to the left, in the bottom of this blogs header at the top of the page.

If you need more instruction, its the tab entitled “About Senator Beck”.

Based on what you will find there, as well as in her legislative voting record which is also provided among the tabs in the header, you will see that Senator Beck truly is a new leader for a new New Jersey.

It is for those reasons that I intend to help coordinate a groundswell of support for her that can not be ignored by whomever is chosen to be the Republican nominee for Governor.

Whoever that is, will be complimented by Jennifer’s presence on the ticket better than any other choice.

When it comes to adding value and enthusiasm to the ticket, Senator Beck wins hands down. Her proven ability as a campaigner exceeds most others in today’s political arena.

When over the past few election cycles, Republicans were losing seats in the assembly and senate, Jennifer Beck won them back for us. She has won uphill battles in elections where Democrats outnumbered Republicans by margins that would have made most Republican operatives look the other way and avoid having their perceived, expected loss, added to their records.

As a councilwoman, assemblywoman and state senator, Jennifer Beck appealed not to the partisan tendencies in us but the collective goodwill among us. Independents and Democrats alike warmed to her approach to problem solving and government policies. Yet she did so not by trying to be politically expedient by trying to sound like a liberal. She did so by articulating conservative values in a way that appealed to those who she sought to lead.

And lead she did.

In just a relatively short time in Trenton as a legislator, Senator Beck established a solid and trusted reputation for herself. The type of reputation that our gubernatorial needs. it’s a reputation for clean government and positive reform. A reputation for innovation, fiscal responsibility and government accountability.

Between her appeal and ability as a candidate and communicator, and her legislative policy direction, Jennifer Beck would not only be a plus for the GOP ticket, but she will be a plus for the state of New Jersey and its citizens.

With Jennifer Beck, New Jerseyans will have a the security of knowing that should the need arise, we would inherit a true advocate of and for the people of New Jersey at the helm. Her steady hand will be a source of confidence that we need.

Furthermore, as stated in the constitutional amendment creating the office of the Lieutenant Governor, The Governor can appoint the Lieutenant Governor to lead any cabinet position excluding the position of Attorney General.

By granting a cabinet position to Lieutenant Governor Beck, the state will not just have some lady in waiting, sitting behind closed doors, but a hands on head of government applying her great abilities each and every day to specific responsibilities that we, the people, can benefit from.

So today, I officially launch this site, “The Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant Governor” blog and welcome any and all Republicans who have any vision to join me in getting the ball rolling.

No matter who receives our nomination for Governor, Jennifer Beck is an asset whose involvement on the ticket will boost our fortunes and prepare New Jersey for the next generation of leadership.

So please, be sure to sign the online petition that urges the GOP nominee for Governor to select State Senator Jennifer Beck as their nominee for Lieutenant Governor, New Jersey’s first Lieutenant Governor.

Sign the petition and forward your name and contact information through this blog, so that we may call upon you to make your voice clear when we put together our winning Republican ticket in next November.

Thank you!!

And keep coming back for updates and information about the race.

Yours truly in republicanism;

P.S.: Be sure to scroll through the information provided on this site by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the header.   There, along with biographical information, you will find a copy of the online and links to it, news article regarding Senator Beck and this campaign,  as well as video interviews with the Senator, her voting record and other valuable data.



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