Posted by: Kempite | December 5, 2008

And We’re Off And Running!

About one week into this effort and what little response there has been to it, has all been positive.

Unfortunately the response has been limited though. But that is not discouraging. Truth be told, it is encouraging. With what little exposure we have been able to gain in just one week, the effort is well received and slowly growing.

With limited resources, the effort to help promote Senator Beck for the Lieutenant Governor slot on next year’s ticket is starting out slow. There is no powerful political action committee behind the effort nor is there some well renowned political figure pushing the effort. If that were the case you would know who Anthony Del Pellegrino is, but you don’t . So that proves my point.

I am Anthony Del Pellegrino and except for friends and family none of you know me. In a way that is a good thing. It proves that this campaign for State Senator Beck is truly a grass root effort and it is one that will not be promoted through deep pockets and tons of money. I am not wealthy. In fact you can call me poor and like many other New Jerseyans, I am trying to keep my head above a water level that is rising quickly.

Sadly, the current leadership of the state is not helping. Instead of throwing us life preservers they are throwing boulders at us in the form of increased taxes, fees, tolls and penalties that are making it harder to keep from drowning in the costs of living in New Jersey.

So when I tell you that I do not have enough financial resources to invest in this campaign, I am sure you understand. Being in that situation, I can understand it being the same case for others as well. That is why I do not seek any financial donations from you, the voters.

However; what I do seek from you, the New Jersey voter, is your participation in spreading the word.

Please be sure to sign the petition urging our eventual nominee for Governor to select State Senator Beck as their running mate and our nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

Also, send the petition link to a few friends along with your request to sign it and pass it on to a few of their fellow New Jersey friends. Just cut the following url and paste it into your email message:

Currently, we have created two new group board for the Jennifer Beck for Lt. Governor effort.

One is on a new platform called “Rebuild The Party”. This is a new sight developed by prominent and computer savvy Republicans. It was initiated for the purpose indicated by its name…….to rebuild our party. I felt it was fitting to place one of our groups on this platform because Jennifer Beck is the type of Republican that we need in order to rebuild the Republican party in New Jersey .

That group can be found at the following url:

Please join them and the discusions about our cause to make Jennifer Beck New Jersey’s first Lieutenant Governor.

The lack of a meaningful budget means that our cause must be as innovative as possible and that we use every avenue available to get our message out and to obtain the signatures that we need on our petition. So we have also set up shop on Facebook. There you will find another group for this campaign.

For those of you already on Facebook, please take a moment to join the group and ask other friends from New Jersey who are also on Facebook to join. You will find that it at:

Thank you for you interest and participation in this cause. With your continued help and gathering of signatures for the petition, not only will we be helping to shape a winning ticket come November, but we will be taking the steps necessary to restore a sense of fiscal and personal responsibility and positive direction in Trenton and for New Jersey.


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