Posted by: Kempite | December 5, 2008 Helps Our Cause!

This is a type of public service announcement.

As indicated in previous posts, this independent campaign effort to elevate State Senator Beck to Lieutenant Governor is truly a grassroots effort. As such there is no big bucks involved. We are simply relying the heartfelt involvement of concerned citizens who want to improve life in New Jersey.

Without money we must rely on ingenuity, the willingness of others to participate in the process and the generosity of others.

That’s where rssHugger comes. They have offered their services to us for free.

In the words of it’s creators and administrators “rssHugger is a new website developed to help bloggers promote their blogs, and to help visitors discover new blogs that write about subjects that the readers are interested in. Through the power of the internet and viral marketing, rssHugger looks to bring blog writers and blog readers closer together.”

antrsshugger_logoWe thank rssHugger for their generosity and the opportunity to spread our message that they afford to us.

Try ‘em out for yourself. Like us, you might just find more traffic to your own site too.

Visit them at


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