Posted by: Kempite | December 9, 2008


antbeckappjpgAlmost  two weeks into this grassroots campaign and so far, word is getting around.

To date, the effort has received coverage on many political and news oriented web sites, discussed, even more on, political blogs, and written about in many local newspapers and reported on in the state’s three most read daily newspapers. Yesterday, one political news blog, Garden State Politics, even described the article in Monday’s Asbury Park Press as ‘the political news story of the day”.

It was a slow news day.

In any event, the coverage is appreciated.

With no budget and no plans to create one, our grassroots effort must spread our message through every avenue possible. So we are appreciative of all those who find this effort newsworthy.

As the news does spread, reaction to it, has been overwhelmingly positive. That, by no means claims  it has been unanimous. On web sites like and, the news in the pages of their daily newspaper is mirrored on the internet where comments and forums allow for open and immediate commentary on each story.

In those forums regarding articles written about the creation of the Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant Governor campaign, most, if not all, the comments are actually quite positive about the Senator. Any negative comments are reserved for me, the creator of this effort and blog.

My favorite happened to appear yesterday, on the Asbury Park Press’s comment section to the story. It came from one, apparently enlightened, civic minded individual who can not comprehend the concept of political activism. Under the screen name “localboomer” they describe the effort as “creepy” and fear that the creator of the effort might be a stalker or looking for a consulting contract.

As the individual behind this effort, rest assured that I am not a ’stalker”. Nor am I seeking the employ of the senator.

However, like many in New Jersey, I am dissatisfied, disenchanted and disgusted by the direction New Jersey is going in.  As such, I, also like many others in New Jersey, want to change the direction that the liberal led troika in Trenton is taking us in.

As such, we do not want to simply sit by and allow the powers that be to provide us with the only options that they want to make available to us in November.  As truly concerned citizens, we want to create an atmosphere that provides us with the best options, the options we want to choose from.

Individuals like “local boomer” may be willing to sit on the sidelines and choose only from what they are offered but those of us involved in this grass root campaign are not content with settling for what the political class suggests. We do not want them to shape the political agenda that want. We want to shape the political agenda that we want and that the  political class has to deal with.

That is why undertake this campaign.

Come November, we want to see the best and brightest on the ballot. We want the best choices available to us and Senator Beck is one of the best.

In that vein, pretty soon our campaign will be expanding operations.

As we continue to publicize our effort we will also be recruiting volunteers to help collect signatures for our petition which urges the selection of Senator Beck for the nomination of Lieutenant Governor.

In addition to the online petition provided at,…………

 ……….we will be developing hard copies of that petition for willing participants to solicit signatures on.

Furthermore, we plan on setting up petition drives and organizing both live chat room and in person, public meetings.

In time we will also be announcing the appointment of county coordinators who will help direct operations on a more focused, localized scale.

Through it all we will continue to take advantage of the internet. Currently we are utilizing Facebook, where you can find our Garden State Grass Root Supporters of Jennifer Beck for Lt. Governor group at

Soon we will be appointing online coordinators who will manage efforts on other social networking platforms such as MysSpace, ning and others.

If you are interested in playing a role in any of these responsibilities feel free to contact us at

Doing so will allow you to stay informed with the latest news and events regarding the campaign.

And Don’t Forget! SIGN THE PETITION!  And pass the link along to other New Jersey residents for them to sign too.


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