Posted by: Kempite | December 11, 2008


Fearful that they can’t defeat the state’s brightest legislative leader, Trenton politicians plan on gerrymandering Jennifer Beck’s legislative district out of existence as they also try to avoid dealing with her legislative initiatives.

Since Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck defeated Ellen Karcher and became Senator Beck in 2007, liberal, political, Democrat, loyalists have not been happy. The loss was a tough one for liberal partisans to accept and as result, Senator Beck is on their hit list.

Despite a whole host of  comprehensive bills that she has put forward to address the concerns and needs of new Jersey residents, Senate Democrat leaders resist her initiatives.

Being in control of the state senate as well as the state assembly, the liberal leadership gives priority to legislation sponsored by fellow liberals legislators. Never mind the fact that Senator Beck has authored and proposed legislation that would change current law by forcing any public official convicted of corruption to forfeit all their public pensions. After all, it is their fellow liberal colleague, former Senator Wayne Bryant who most recently fell into this category. After recently being convicted for 12 counts of corruption, Bryant applied for his state pension which totaled $80,000.00. Not bad for a career of corruption that ripped off taxpayers.

But Wayne Bryant is a Democrat and Jennifer Beck is a Republican so the Democrat led Senate would rather ignore the corrective measures that she offers and reward their fellow convicted Democrat Wayne Bryant with the state pension his corrupt career helped him to procure.

In truth, many measures put forward by Senator Beck have not received the action that they or the people of New Jersey deserve.

Partisan politics dictates that senate leaders do all that is possible to delay any legislation proposed by Senator Beck.

Seeing as how they hope to defeat her in the next election, they would rather cheat the people of New Jersey out of legislation they could benefit from then allow Jennifer Beck to get any credit for passing such legislation.

So, for political purposes, many initiatives of Senator Beck and other Republicans as well, are either tabled or sent to committee where liberal politicians draw out the process with a string of cancelled hearings, investigations and inconsequential debates. It is a convenient way for Democrat leaders to stall voting on her bills.

And stall they do. If they allow her legislation to come to the floor for a vote, they know most, if not all, of her measures would pass. In fact her legislative initiatives have so much public support that Democrats hope they never come to floor. If Senator Beck’s bills did, many Democrats would not be able to vote against them.

For a list of those bills visit the page on this web site marked “Voting Record” or click here.. On the second half of the page you will find the bills which see is the primary sponsor and author of just this year.

No Democrat wants to have to explain why they voted against S337 which criminalizes participation in street gangs. No Democrat wants to explain why they voted against S683 which reduces property taxes for owner-occupied primary residences, or S1792 which extends eligibility for the property tax deduction afforded to veterans.

No candidate for reelection wants to be on record opposing Senator Beck’s many initiatives to insure the rights of, and effective services to, commuters of New Jersey.

So rather than vote against these measures, they put them off and hope to lose them in committee. Rather than actually pass legislation that the people of New Jersey could benefit from, Democrats sit on their hands, so that Senator Beck does not get credit for her effort.

It is politics at its worst and the people are losing out.

But trying to hide her legislative record is not the only political game Democrats are playing.

Being unsure of their ability to defeat Senator Beck by taking that route, they have established a backup plan. A plan that would influence the redistricting process that New Jersey will encounter in 2010 after the census.

Right now Democrat party hacks are planning on breaking up the municipalities that makeup her district, the twelfth district. They plan on taking Red Bank, Jennifer Beck’s hometown, out of the district and putting it into the thirteenth district which is represented by long serving, accomplished, incumbent Republican State Senator Joe Kyrillos.

As reported by Wally Edge the plot thickens. In an article from, Wally edge writes………

“One plan being discussed among Democrats is to move Beck’s hometown, Red Bank (estimated population 11,850) into Joseph Kyrillos’s 13th district. (Red Bank and Middletown share a border). The new 12th, Democrats hope, would add four Middlesex towns currently in Bill Baroni’s 14th district: Cranbury (3,899), Jamesburg (6,429), Monroe (34,907), Plainsboro (21,213) and South Brunswick (40,570). In turn, Baroni would add some towns in Monmouth, like Allentown (1,847), Freehold Borough (11,394), Freehold Township (33,953), Millstone (10,064), Roosevelt (913) and Upper Freehold (6,573).”

This would successfully create a twelfth district that would have a number of municipalities that are predominantly Democrat in registration and difficult for any Republican to win.

What it comes down to is this. Democrats are afraid.

Since taking control of all three branches of state government,, they have mismanaged everything from our finances to our children’s schools. As such they know that they cannot win in a fair election so they will be working hard to do everything in their power to unfairly influence future elections, not on the issues but through typical clubhouse politics.

Much of that plan relies on maintaining control of the state senate, assembly and Governor’s office.

If they do, they will have the ability to gerrymander new districts that will be based more on party affiliation than shared needs.

Furthermore; Senator Beck is a force that partisan, liberal, Democrats are afraid of. That is why she is a target that keeps them awake at night as they try to develop plans that would take her out of the equation.

It’s almost like a storyline out of the Soprano’s, a political version of the Soprano’s where Jennifer Beck is the federal prosecutor who has the goods on the Soprano’s and the Democrats are like “Paulie Walnuts” after being given marching orders to eliminate the prosecutor on the hunt to convict their mob family.

Taking all this in allows us to realize that this upcoming election is imperative for us.

We need to prevent Democrats from improperly influencing and controlling the redistricting process that will determine the states fate for the decade to follow.

It means that not only do we have to win the Governor’s race but we need to make a run for control of the assembly. Winning there would prevent the liberal leadership in Trenton from unfairly influencing the process.

In order to help insure our own chances for success we need to run a strong ticket. A ticket that will have coattails long enough and strong enough to increase our numbers in elected offices further down the ballot, especially the state assembly.

Who best can we call upon to help create that type of strong, winning ticket other than Jennifer Beck.

As the Democrat’s most heavily targeted incumbent Republican legislator, they fear her.

They know that Jennifer Beck has appeal that crosses party lines because of her common sense agenda. An agenda that lacks a focus on the partisan politics that they play but instead actually addresses the problems of our state and the needs of the people.

So while Democrats plot and plan on ways to eliminate the threat to their power that Jennifer Beck poses, we need to redouble our own efforts. We need to do everything that is possible to influence the selection of Senator Beck as our nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

In that position, all the good work that she has done can not be hidden by Democrats who try to deny her good work.

There, as our nominee for Lieutenant Governor, she will be able to take her message of fiscal and personal responsibility to the people for all of us. In that position, Senator Beck will have the ability to add strength to the top of our ticket and boosts our hopes for victory for those on the bottom of the ticket.

So please, please be sure to join our draft movement for Jennifer Beck. Join us in our plight to make her our nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

Be sure to join our Garden State Grass Root Supporters of Jennifer Beck for Lt. Governor group on Facebook at

There, members of the movement will be receiving “ACTION ALERTS” that will enable us to mobilizes efforts. You will also receive confidential updates and reports on what is going on the race for governor and the political happenings shaping the race.

And if you haven’t yet signed the petitionthe petition urging the selection of Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant Governor, please make sure you sign it now and then pass it on to other new Jersey residents and urge them to do the same.


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