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6a00d8341ca3bb53ef00e54f43e9cf8833-800wi1Ever wish you could drive back and forth to work or on that holiday vacation trip without having to pay for gas?

Do you have a lease and regret putting any unnecessary mileage on your car for fear of having to pay a whopping amount of money for going over the allowable limit?  

Employees of Governor of Jon Corzine don’t have that problem. They don’t bother using their own cars for work or even pleasure. They don’t even use their own money for gas.

A state audit detailed the misuse of state cars and state-issued credit cards used to buy gas.

According to the audit, for two years, operators of 602 state vehicles made 2072 gas purchases. Each of those purchases exceeded the amount of gas that fit in each cars gas tanks. The audit concluded that each year, 158, 000 gallons of fuel are purchased on state credit cards without accurate documentation as to which car that fuel is going into and in 2007 the audit found that there were 1200 same day gas transactions that were illegitimate.

Senator Beck initially requested for an investigation in October after a Senate State Government Committee hearing was held detailing the abuse. But since then the state Attorney General has done little more than issue press releases stating that the matter has been taken care of and resolved.

Well,with all due respect, you know what? We, the people, would like to determine if the matter has been taken care of and if it has been taken care of properly. I mean, we know the Attorney General and the Governor might not be able to understand why we are reluctant to take their word for it but most everyone else understands our need for proof, especially Jennifer Beck.

The Corzine administration has become famous for secrecy.  Be it state contract negotiations with his former girlfriend Carla Katz or budget figures, Corzine has kept the details hidden.   And while Republicans have offered reforms that make the business of government transparent and help would lift the shroud of secrecy that the administration operates under, the Democrat controlled state legislature blocks these measures and allows for Corzine and corruption to conveniently continue behind closed doors.

As is the case with many New Jerseyans, State Senator Beck is fed up with the clandestine operations of the Corzine government. She is also not willing to ignore problems when they lift their ugly head. That is why Senator Beck has reiterated her call for a full investigation and full disclosure of the details.

The Attorney General and the Governor may be hoping that the incident blows over and that weary New Jersey citizenry will pay little attention to some problems that pale in comparison to problems such as Corzine’s bankrupt economic policies but Jennifer Beck is not so willing to let it to go.

According to Senator Beck “The blatant abuse of taxpayers’ money is intolerable and those responsible need to be djxmhcacxw9a3caj6ut7ecai5rmgaca6fj6jsca1o7j2hcar2qjtucadxx9n5caf9exgicami9ekdcai5v7ndca75ocgzcauvijlica1yjy44causpp08ca62ullscav6hobicaolkddwca8ide82cat6rhkqheld accountable.” She added, “anytime there is questionable, unethical or possible illegal use of taxpayer money the Attorney General should begin an immediate investigation.”

Hopefully the Governor will agree and finally accept the fact that wrongdoing must be rooted out and prevented from reoccurring and that such can not be achieved by sweeping this matter under the rug.

The Attorney General’s and Governor’s reluctance to investigate and properly disclose the information regarding “gas-gate” only leads us to conclude that they are covering things up which makes us further wonder who are they covering up for?

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