Posted by: Kempite | January 15, 2009

Jealousy Driven Rumors Hit Political Campaign Trail. What A Surprise!

Bookmark and Share     A recent Save Jersey blog post cited an unidentified sources unconfirmed report that some members of Chris Christie’s inner circle are taking Senator Beck out of consideration for Lieutenat Governor on his potential ticket.

The Save Jersey post states “key members of the Christie inner-circle have been “turned-off” by Senator Beck’s aggressive, early and open push for the Lt. Governor nomination.”

Although I do not question the author of this post or their reporting of what some put forward, I do question the sources judgment and intentions.

Even if this sentiment was true, there is nothing gained for their candidate by revealing this information. Why would anyone risk losing support from potential backers and why risk angering any potential supporters?

I am aware of a few Christie allies who are hoping that they can latch on to Christie’s rising star and are hoping that they have the inside track to being tapped as Christie’s running mate. However; we would hope that if Chris Christie does get the G.O.P.’s gubernatorial nomination, he will not play games with his selection of a Lieutenant Governor.

We hope that he does not make backroom deals and particpate in the old boys political network.

New Jersey cries out for change and that path is not change. It is typical politics.

That is the reason behind this draft Jennifer Beck movement.

We want to retire the old boys, insider network of politics and replace it with a people driven agenda. An agenda that makes the needs of the people clear and causes the political class to truly represent our desires.

That is why our effort seeks to make it clear that Jennifer Beck is an overwhelming favorite for Lieutenant Governor and that our ultimate nominee for governor would be wise to pick her as their running mate.

To add to the erroneous accusation that Jennifer Beck has been aggressively pursuing the position of Lt. Gov I want to repeat that this draft effort is, and has been, independent of Senator Beck.

When asked by reporters about our campaign she has repeatedly stated that “all the attention is very flattering” but she is “right now, just focused on being the best senator she can be”.

Furthermore, a spokesman for the senator has continuously added that the senate “is the job she wants and that’s the job she likes and that’s what she’s going to continue to do.”

So some may try to level accusations to the contrary but the truth counters their false allegations.

I would add that if those ,who apparently want the job of Lieutenant Governor, feel they must do everything possible to get in the way of the will of the people, they will be jeopardizing the success of our Republican ticket in November… matter who is at the top of that ticket.

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