Posted by: Kempite | February 3, 2009


Bookmark and Share    As much as New Jersey Democrats try to reject Republican sponsored legislation, they can’t deny the correctness of Jennifer Beck’s legislative initiatives.
On Monday, the Democrat controlled Senate State Government Committee unanimously cleared a Beck bill that prohibited elected and appointed public officials from collecting health care benefits from more than one publicly financed health insurance plan.

The bill is just one of Senator Beck’s initiative designed at depriving elected officials special treatment, privileges and advantages that their constituents do not have but as taxpayers, they must pay for.

After the bill cleared the committee, Senator Beck stated “Allowing state elected or appointed officials to collect multiple sets of state health benefits is an insult to private sector employees struggling to make ends meet,”. She added “Although its adoption is long overdue, this legislation will end most instances of this reckless practice and is a first step towards better regulating state health benefits.”

PhotobucketOut of control benefits and abuse of them have helped to add to New Jersey’s fiscal crunch and this bill helps to address that problem. It is just one of many reform measures that Senator Beck has initiated.

This bill is just another indication of the fact that, along with attempts to insure transparency in state government, Jennifer Beck is a true champion of the reforms we need.

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    • Thank you. Would you be interested in helping out the draft effort for State Senator Beck?

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