About Senator Beck

Senator Beck has demonstrated herself to be a follower of the principles important to Republicans. Furthermore, Senator Beck has proven herself to be a leader in implementing those principles into the practical application of government.

As a former Red Bank City Councilwoman, Jennifer Beck was able to breakthrough partisan political barriers and became the only Republican, of the time, to serve on the Red Bank City Council. There she, crossed party lines to help make the council a productive governing body that met the needs of it’s people. When in opposition to her fellow Democrat council members, Jennifer Beck bridged gaps by presenting persuasive arguments that led to the Democrat dominated council’s conversion to her way of thinking or, at the very least, strong, working, comprises that produced positive results for the people of Red Bank.

Her first term as a Councilwoman earned her widespread approval for reelection and after six years in that office she ran for and won back an Assembly seat for Republicans in the 12th legislative district.

While other Republicans were losing seats, Jennifer Beck was winning them.

As an Assemblywoman, her reform minded agenda as well as her responsible fiscal policies and astute legislative initiatives propelled her to the State Senate.

In an another election cycle that saw Republicans lose seats in the state legislature, Jennifer Beck, again, bucked the tide. Out funded and considered an underdog, Jennifer appealed to not only Republicans but Democrats and Independents alike and defeated a heavily funded incumbent Democrat State Senator.

Since her elevation to the state senate, in January of 2008, Senator Beck has made quite a name for herself.

She has sponsored and co-sponsored many corrective legislative initiatives aimed at eliminating waste, preventing fraud, providing services to the needy and at reducing the size, scope and budgets of Jon Corzine’s out of control liberal leadership.

The record shows that, on the issues, Jennifer Beck provides us with the direction and solutions that we need.

In her own right, Jennifer Beck has shown herself to be humble, hard working, innovative, committed and caring. As a devout participant in community charities and organizations and as a rape crisis counselor, Jennifer has demonstrated sincere compassion for others outside of government as well as through government action.

As an avid runner, Jennifer participates in triathlons throughour the United States.   Her long distance runs are indicative of the endurance level that she possesses in all responsibilities that she undertakes.

Before serving in the state legislature, she ran the Trenton office of one of New Jersey’s largest public affairs firm. There, Jennifer proved herself to be a successful, independent businesswoman with an understanding of real business and the real world that is effected by the often jaded world of government bureaucracies.

Given her truth to Republican principles, her experience, accomplishments, determination, winning personality and ability to attract the praise and support of citizens of all persuasions and party affiliations, Jennifer Beck is best suited to become New Jersey’s first Lieutenant Governor.

State Senator Beck would be a tough and tireless running mate for our Republican gubernatorial ticket and will prove to be a boost for our chances of taking control of the statehouse and restoring a sense of hope to New Jersey’s citizens. On top of that, Jennifer Beck instills the confidence that New Jerseyans need to have when considering the stability of leadership if the governor should not be able to serve a full term in office.

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that we take the opportunity of this site to promote a grassroots campaign for the Republican candidacy of Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey.



Birth Date: 01/03/1967
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA
Home City:Red Bank, NJ 
Religion: Catholic 

MA, Government Administration, University of Pennsylvania, 1992
BA, Physics/Mathematics, Boston College, 1989.

Professional Experience:
Vice President, QualCare Incorporated, 2005-2007
Vice President, The MWW Group, 1999-2004
Chief of Staff, Assemblyman Joe Azzolina, 1994-1997.

Political Experience:
Senator, New Jersey State Senate, 2008-Present
Assemblymember, New Jersey State Assembly, 2006-2007
Red Bank Borough Council, 1999-2005. 

Member, Women’s Club of Red Bank, 1999-present
Member, Preservation Red Bank, 1998-present
Trustee, Monmouth Conservation Foundation, 1997-present
Board, YMCA, 1996-present
Trustee, Monmouth County Urban League, 1995-1998.

Judiciary, Member
State Government, Member
Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation, Member

As the State Senator from the 12th Legislative District, Jennifer Beck represents the following municipalities:

Colts Neck
East Windsor
Fair Haven
Freehold Borough
Freehold Township
Little Silver
Millstone Township
Red Bank
Shrewsbury Bor.
Shrewsbury Twp.
Tinton Falls



Capitol Address
New Jersey Senate, State House
Post Office Box 099
Trenton, NJ 08625


District Address
256 Route 79
1st Floor
Morganville, NJ 07751
Phone: 732-772-1571



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