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Contact: Anthony Del Pellegrino (Beck for Lt. Gov. Grass Root  Coordinator)

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This blog represents the hopes and efforts of New Jersey’s grassroot Republicans for approval of the selection of State Senator Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant Governor.

This will be the first time that New Jerseyans have a Lieutenant Governor and it is long overdue. As we wrap up the ’08 elections for our nations future, New Jersey begin to gear up for the ’09 elections for  the future of our state and the ticket that the newly created position of Lieutenant Governor will be on.     

In preparing for that contest we take stock of our state and in doing so most New Jerseyans have already concluded that Democrat Governor Jon Corzine lacks the ability to improve our state and our quality of life in the state.

Although the nation has encountered its own economic downturn, under Jon Corzine, New Jersey led the way into financial despair. Long before the national unemployment began to rise, Jon Corzine helped to create an anti-business atmosphere that reduced opportunities, growth and employment.

Since becoming Governor, Jon Corzine used his first budget to raise the state sales tax, raise tolls and invent new taxes. Thanks to Jon Corzine everything from gym memberships for our physical well being to the planting of greenery in the so called Garden State received penalties in the form of new taxes.

Since then, Jon Corzine has continued to tinker with more increases in taxes and tolls.

He even proposed new tolls on roads that didn’t have a toll before.

Yet through it all, the increased expenses for tax payers have only helped to deepen the crisis of affordability that New Jerseyans suffer through.

The rising cost for doing business in New Jersey has driven business away, devastated small businesses and destroyed the entrepreneurial spirit of all. Such depressing conditions helped to deepen the problem. The lack of business and employment stifles commerce and the stifling of commerce produces less revenue for the state. The lack of revenue triggers state democrats into a knee jerk call for more tax increases and the cycle continues.

As the vicious cycle of liberal taxation proceeds, we, the people, see no improvement in our children’s classrooms, no significant improvements of our infrastructure and a deterioration of our quality of life.

New Jersey Democrats, under the leadership of Jon Corzine offer no innovation, no incentives for our citizens, no expansion of opportunities and no relief.

In light of the dismal results produced by the entrenched liberal leadership coming out of Trenton for nearly eight years, Republicans, feel that ,now, more than ever, a change in direction is needed and that a successful campaign to elect competent and capable Republicans is not just hoped for but required.

It is for that reason that we, the Garden State’s grass root Republicans, organize to urge the ultimate Republican nominee for Governor to select State Senator Jennifer Beck to be their running mate and our candidate for Lieutenant Governor on their ticket.

 The record shows that, on the issues, Jennifer Beck provides us with the direction and solutions that we need.

In her own right, Jennifer Beck has shown herself to be humble, hard working, innovative, committed and caring. As a devout participant in community charities and organizations and as a rape crisis counselor, Jennifer has demonstrated sincere compassion for others outside of government as well as through government action.

Before serving in the state legislature, she ran the Trenton office of one of New Jersey’s largest public affairs firm. There Jennifer proved herself to be a successful, independent businesswoman with an understanding of real business and the real world that is effected by the often jaded world of government bureaucracies.

Given her truth to Republican principles, her experience, accomplishments, determination, winning personality and ability to attract the praise and support of citizens of all persuasions and party affiliations, Jennifer Beck is best suited to become New Jersey’s first Lieutenant Governor.

State Senator Beck would be a tough and tireless running mate for our Republican gubernatorial ticket and will prove to be a boost for our chances of taking control of the statehouse and restoring a sense of hope to New Jersey’s citizens. On top of that, Jennifer Beck instills the confidence that New Jerseyans need to have when considering the stability of leadership if the governor should not be able to serve a full term in office.

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that we take the opportunity of this site to promote a grassroots campaign for the Republican candidacy of Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey.

Given the fact that State Senator Beck has, out of consideration for the campaigns of other likely Republican candidates for Governor, not declared her own candidacy for Governor, short of making any demands, we urge the individual who ultimately wins the nomination, to pick Jennifer Beck as their running mate and allow her the chance to become the first Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey.

No matter who the the Republican nominee for Governor will inevitably be, Jennifer Beck will be asset for them, their candidacy, the hopes for the Gop and the New Jersey.

Through this blog site, likeminded Republicans will organize a grassroots movement to promote the selection of Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant governor.

On the homepage, updates of coordinated efforts, campaign events, and promotional activities will be posted along with news and other developments.

At the bottom of the blog header you will find tabs to various sections of the blog that contain information about Jennifer Beck, her legislative record and the petition that we need all New Jersey Republicans to sign

Please be sure to click on to any or all of the tabs to stay informed and be sure to sign the petition that will be presented to the Republican nominee for Governor and demonstrate, to them, the groundswell of support that Jennifer Beck has in becoming their running mate.



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