Posted by: Kempite | February 2, 2009


Bookmark and Share     The Somerset County Federation of Republican Women have announced that this year they will be presenting the Millicent Fenwick Award for Distinguished Public Service to State Senator Jennifer Beck.

The honor is just another example of Beck’s importance in New Jersey politics and her fast paced rise to political prominence in New Jersey.

Just three years ago Senator Beck was elected to the State Assembly and took back a seat from Democrats at a time when many Republicans were struggling to win reelection and others were losing.

Since that time she has become a voice of the people, defending them in areas from victims rights, commuters rights to taxpayers rights and consumers rights.

antjenbeckOnly two years after winning election to the assembly, Senator Beck again took her agenda to the people and defeated a heavily funded, incumbent, liberal, state senator and again, while other Republicans were loosing, she won. Her Senate victory not only took back a seat in the senate for Republicans, it also had coattails that helped to keep her vacated assembly seat in the Republican column and elected  a Republican to the districts remaining assembly seat, thereby making a clean sweep for the G.O.P..

Since then, Senator Beck has become an even greater force in state politics.

In the state senate she has been a vocal opponent to the crushing Corzine state mandates and his tax and spend programs that have increased the severity of the affordability crisis in New Jersey.

She has been leading the opposition to the policies that have been driving businesses out of the state and maintained her strong advocacy for the rights of taxpayers.

Writer, Editor, Ambassador, Congresswoman, Millicent Fenwick

Writer, Editor, Ambassador, Congresswoman, Millicent Fenwick

Be it calling for legislation to open up the bureaucracy to public scrutiny by making government transparent or calling upon the Governor to come clean with his own initiatives and backroom deals, Jennifer has been in the forefront, not only voicing disapproval for the actions of the current administration, but by offering alternative solutions as well.

With all her direction and drive it is only fitting that Senator Beck be honored with the Millicent Fenwick Award for Distinguished Public Service.

Millicent Fenwick was a strong and powerful individual who bucked the establishment and establishment thinking. She was one of only 5 women elected to represent New Jersey in federal government and during the course of her many careers, Millicent Fenwick was always on the cutting edge.

Like Millicent Fenwick, Senator Beck has already made a positive mark on New Jersey and with a wealth of worthy New Jersey Republican women deserving of this award, we are pleased to see that the women of Somerset County believe that Jennifer Beck is most deserving of the honor.

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