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Bookmark and Share    As much as New Jersey Democrats try to reject Republican sponsored legislation, they can’t deny the correctness of Jennifer Beck’s legislative initiatives.
On Monday, the Democrat controlled Senate State Government Committee unanimously cleared a Beck bill that prohibited elected and appointed public officials from collecting health care benefits from more than one publicly financed health insurance plan.

The bill is just one of Senator Beck’s initiative designed at depriving elected officials special treatment, privileges and advantages that their constituents do not have but as taxpayers, they must pay for.

After the bill cleared the committee, Senator Beck stated “Allowing state elected or appointed officials to collect multiple sets of state health benefits is an insult to private sector employees struggling to make ends meet,”. She added “Although its adoption is long overdue, this legislation will end most instances of this reckless practice and is a first step towards better regulating state health benefits.”

PhotobucketOut of control benefits and abuse of them have helped to add to New Jersey’s fiscal crunch and this bill helps to address that problem. It is just one of many reform measures that Senator Beck has initiated.

This bill is just another indication of the fact that, along with attempts to insure transparency in state government, Jennifer Beck is a true champion of the reforms we need.

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Bookmark and Share     The Somerset County Federation of Republican Women have announced that this year they will be presenting the Millicent Fenwick Award for Distinguished Public Service to State Senator Jennifer Beck.

The honor is just another example of Beck’s importance in New Jersey politics and her fast paced rise to political prominence in New Jersey.

Just three years ago Senator Beck was elected to the State Assembly and took back a seat from Democrats at a time when many Republicans were struggling to win reelection and others were losing.

Since that time she has become a voice of the people, defending them in areas from victims rights, commuters rights to taxpayers rights and consumers rights.

antjenbeckOnly two years after winning election to the assembly, Senator Beck again took her agenda to the people and defeated a heavily funded, incumbent, liberal, state senator and again, while other Republicans were loosing, she won. Her Senate victory not only took back a seat in the senate for Republicans, it also had coattails that helped to keep her vacated assembly seat in the Republican column and elected  a Republican to the districts remaining assembly seat, thereby making a clean sweep for the G.O.P..

Since then, Senator Beck has become an even greater force in state politics.

In the state senate she has been a vocal opponent to the crushing Corzine state mandates and his tax and spend programs that have increased the severity of the affordability crisis in New Jersey.

She has been leading the opposition to the policies that have been driving businesses out of the state and maintained her strong advocacy for the rights of taxpayers.

Writer, Editor, Ambassador, Congresswoman, Millicent Fenwick

Writer, Editor, Ambassador, Congresswoman, Millicent Fenwick

Be it calling for legislation to open up the bureaucracy to public scrutiny by making government transparent or calling upon the Governor to come clean with his own initiatives and backroom deals, Jennifer has been in the forefront, not only voicing disapproval for the actions of the current administration, but by offering alternative solutions as well.

With all her direction and drive it is only fitting that Senator Beck be honored with the Millicent Fenwick Award for Distinguished Public Service.

Millicent Fenwick was a strong and powerful individual who bucked the establishment and establishment thinking. She was one of only 5 women elected to represent New Jersey in federal government and during the course of her many careers, Millicent Fenwick was always on the cutting edge.

Like Millicent Fenwick, Senator Beck has already made a positive mark on New Jersey and with a wealth of worthy New Jersey Republican women deserving of this award, we are pleased to see that the women of Somerset County believe that Jennifer Beck is most deserving of the honor.

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Bookmark and Share     A recent Save Jersey blog post cited an unidentified sources unconfirmed report that some members of Chris Christie’s inner circle are taking Senator Beck out of consideration for Lieutenat Governor on his potential ticket.

The Save Jersey post states “key members of the Christie inner-circle have been “turned-off” by Senator Beck’s aggressive, early and open push for the Lt. Governor nomination.”

Although I do not question the author of this post or their reporting of what some put forward, I do question the sources judgment and intentions.

Even if this sentiment was true, there is nothing gained for their candidate by revealing this information. Why would anyone risk losing support from potential backers and why risk angering any potential supporters?

I am aware of a few Christie allies who are hoping that they can latch on to Christie’s rising star and are hoping that they have the inside track to being tapped as Christie’s running mate. However; we would hope that if Chris Christie does get the G.O.P.’s gubernatorial nomination, he will not play games with his selection of a Lieutenant Governor.

We hope that he does not make backroom deals and particpate in the old boys political network.

New Jersey cries out for change and that path is not change. It is typical politics.

That is the reason behind this draft Jennifer Beck movement.

We want to retire the old boys, insider network of politics and replace it with a people driven agenda. An agenda that makes the needs of the people clear and causes the political class to truly represent our desires.

That is why our effort seeks to make it clear that Jennifer Beck is an overwhelming favorite for Lieutenant Governor and that our ultimate nominee for governor would be wise to pick her as their running mate.

To add to the erroneous accusation that Jennifer Beck has been aggressively pursuing the position of Lt. Gov I want to repeat that this draft effort is, and has been, independent of Senator Beck.

When asked by reporters about our campaign she has repeatedly stated that “all the attention is very flattering” but she is “right now, just focused on being the best senator she can be”.

Furthermore, a spokesman for the senator has continuously added that the senate “is the job she wants and that’s the job she likes and that’s what she’s going to continue to do.”

So some may try to level accusations to the contrary but the truth counters their false allegations.

I would add that if those ,who apparently want the job of Lieutenant Governor, feel they must do everything possible to get in the way of the will of the people, they will be jeopardizing the success of our Republican ticket in November… matter who is at the top of that ticket.

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Max Pizarro of has published a list of likely candidates for Chris Christie to select as Lieutenant Governor.

According to Pizarro, the odds are 3-1 for State Senator Jennifer Beck getting the nod.

The section pertaining to Jennifer Beck reads as follows:



State Senator

In a post-Sarah Palin world alert to gender balance in public life, the pairing of Christie and up-and-comer Beck appears already to be more than simply fantasy football. Reports of her meeting with Christie last summer prompted U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) to issue a call for the supposedly apolitical then-U.S. Attorney to release all public and private schedules. A tenacious campaigner in Bill Baroni mold but with her own brand of athleticism (she’s a runner), Beck in 2007 drubbed state Sen. Ellen Karcher (D-Monmouth) despite being outspent by more than 5-1.

Odds: 3-1


Others included on the list are State Senator Joe Kyrillos of Monmouth County, 6-1, State Senator Diane Allen of Burlington County, 10-1, Sussex County Assemblywoman Allison McHose, 8-1, State Senator Tom Kean, jr. 12-1, biotech multi millionair businessman John Crowley, 10-1, South Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo, 50-1, Christie’s opponent for the Gubernatorial nomination, Assemblyman Richard Merkt comes in at 100-1, State Senator Bill Baroni rightfully makes the list but odds for him are not provided.  Other names mentioned include former Burlington County Freeholder, Rev. Aubrey Fenton.  At 25-1  Fenton is the only African-American mentioned on the list. 

 But coming in at 2-1 is BergenCounty’s  County Clerk Kathleen Donovan.   

We believe the names mentioned above are all respectable choices but in our estimation, none of them bring the level of energy and enthusisasm that Beck brings to the ticket.  On top of that, her prproposals for government reforms and fiscally responsible leadership best suit the needs of New Jersey more than anyother choice for lieutenant Governor.

So please take a moment to go to and defend the selection of State Senator Beck for Lieutenant.  sign in and post your comments favoring herand let everyone elese know that the odds may be 3-1, but the people desire is 100% behind Jennifer beck for Lieutenant Governor. 


click here for the story

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After Governor Jon Corzine delivered his address on the sorry state of the state of New Jersey, State Senator Jennifer Beck delivered the following response:

“Over the past few months, Republicans have presented a number of common-sense solutions that could quickly be enacted to prevent New Jersey’s massive budget deficit from growing even further.

“For months, Republicans in the Legislature have offered to work with Governor Corzine to fix our broken budget. Each and every offer made by Republicans to work with the Governor was summarily dismissed.

“Just yesterday, for example, I sent a letter to Governor Corzine requesting he delay the implementation of the mandatory pre-school program. At a time when state aid to K-12 programs is being cut, it does not make sense to launch a new program for 3- and 4-year-olds. We cannot afford to pay for another large government program.

“While Governor Corzine remains unwilling to review Republican budget saving proposals, he should at least consider obvious savings that the State Auditor has identified, such as the elimination of state cars that the Auditor concluded are routinely misused.”

For months Governor Corzine has refused to accept Republican led efforts to reduce spending, reform government, eliminate waste and fraud and to make the government proscess transaparent.   His refusal to make progress in any of these areas helps to reinforce our low expectations regarding anything and everything that the Governor discussede in todays message.

6a00d8341ca3bb53ef00e54f43e9cf8833-800wi1Ever wish you could drive back and forth to work or on that holiday vacation trip without having to pay for gas?

Do you have a lease and regret putting any unnecessary mileage on your car for fear of having to pay a whopping amount of money for going over the allowable limit?  

Employees of Governor of Jon Corzine don’t have that problem. They don’t bother using their own cars for work or even pleasure. They don’t even use their own money for gas.

A state audit detailed the misuse of state cars and state-issued credit cards used to buy gas.

According to the audit, for two years, operators of 602 state vehicles made 2072 gas purchases. Each of those purchases exceeded the amount of gas that fit in each cars gas tanks. The audit concluded that each year, 158, 000 gallons of fuel are purchased on state credit cards without accurate documentation as to which car that fuel is going into and in 2007 the audit found that there were 1200 same day gas transactions that were illegitimate.

Senator Beck initially requested for an investigation in October after a Senate State Government Committee hearing was held detailing the abuse. But since then the state Attorney General has done little more than issue press releases stating that the matter has been taken care of and resolved.

Well,with all due respect, you know what? We, the people, would like to determine if the matter has been taken care of and if it has been taken care of properly. I mean, we know the Attorney General and the Governor might not be able to understand why we are reluctant to take their word for it but most everyone else understands our need for proof, especially Jennifer Beck.

The Corzine administration has become famous for secrecy.  Be it state contract negotiations with his former girlfriend Carla Katz or budget figures, Corzine has kept the details hidden.   And while Republicans have offered reforms that make the business of government transparent and help would lift the shroud of secrecy that the administration operates under, the Democrat controlled state legislature blocks these measures and allows for Corzine and corruption to conveniently continue behind closed doors.

As is the case with many New Jerseyans, State Senator Beck is fed up with the clandestine operations of the Corzine government. She is also not willing to ignore problems when they lift their ugly head. That is why Senator Beck has reiterated her call for a full investigation and full disclosure of the details.

The Attorney General and the Governor may be hoping that the incident blows over and that weary New Jersey citizenry will pay little attention to some problems that pale in comparison to problems such as Corzine’s bankrupt economic policies but Jennifer Beck is not so willing to let it to go.

According to Senator Beck “The blatant abuse of taxpayers’ money is intolerable and those responsible need to be djxmhcacxw9a3caj6ut7ecai5rmgaca6fj6jsca1o7j2hcar2qjtucadxx9n5caf9exgicami9ekdcai5v7ndca75ocgzcauvijlica1yjy44causpp08ca62ullscav6hobicaolkddwca8ide82cat6rhkqheld accountable.” She added, “anytime there is questionable, unethical or possible illegal use of taxpayer money the Attorney General should begin an immediate investigation.”

Hopefully the Governor will agree and finally accept the fact that wrongdoing must be rooted out and prevented from reoccurring and that such can not be achieved by sweeping this matter under the rug.

The Attorney General’s and Governor’s reluctance to investigate and properly disclose the information regarding “gas-gate” only leads us to conclude that they are covering things up which makes us further wonder who are they covering up for?

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antbecksmall1Senator Jennifer Beck fired the first shot in one of the new year’s opening session of the New Jersey State Senate.

To a packed chamber, the feisty freshman Senator stated “New Jersey’s fiscal mess is one of the worst in the country, and the responsibility for being worse off than other States comes from Corzine” . “Corzine refuses to acknowledge that his tax and toll increases, unsustainable spending increases, and a job-killing COAH/housing subsidy bill have made things worse and can’t be blamed on others.”

She added “Every time Corzine is asked about New Jersey’s fiscal mess, he refuses to accept any responsibility,”

When first campaigning for Governor, then U.S. Senator Jon Corzine promised to control state spending, yet once elected, during the first six months of is misadministration, he raised taxes by almost $2 billion dollars. Now that he is up for re-election, New Jersey has a budget gap of $2.1 billion dollars, an amount that surpasses the revenue of the increased taxes that he initially initiated.  His most try at to closing the worsening gap came with an announcement that decared he was going to to slash the state budget as much as  $812 million dollars by targeting things such as adolescent illiteracy where he can eliminate as much as $ 11 thousand.

These recent attempts at controlling spending are miniscule and misdirected but almost as troubling as what we are hearing from Corzine is what we are not hearing from him.

Throughout his tenure as Governor, Corzine has been quite clandestine about budget numbers and contract negotiations. Republican lawmakers have recently filed lawsuits which seek to have the Governor reveal certain figures and there is currently a case in the courts that deals with secret emails between the Governor and his former girlfriend Carla Katz regarding how the two negotiated a state contract with a local Communication Workers Union, one of the state’s most powerful unions of which Katz was thePresident of at the time.

As most of us know, Governor Corzine has been doing everything but govern. The past few years have been an example of a man who has been controlled by events and unable to control any events.  More than that, he has been unable to cope with events.  The state of New Jersey has spiraled out of economic control and it began to do so long before the rest of the nation entered troubled economic territory.

For the average person, under Corzine, New Jersey has become increasingly unaffordable and the quality of life in the Garden State has done anything but improve. It is part of the reason for declines in population which will cost the state a congressional seat after the 2010 census. It is a result of people fleeing New Jersey for more affordable states with more opportunity and more economic freedom.

For these reasons Senator Beck joined with State Senator Kevin O’Toole, ( R )-Bergen, and called upon the Governor to “ finally accept some responsibility for New Jersey’s fiscal mess” and adopt what they called “three bipartisan common-sense ideas to make New Jersey more affordable and hold government accountable”.  

The proposa urges the governor to:

Listen to bipartisan calls in the senate to postpone, and make substantial reforms to, a job crushing COAH/housing subsidy law.

Listen to bipartisan calls in the senate for additional spending cuts. (See $1.2 billion in spending cuts proposed by Republicans)

Listen to bipartisan calls in the Senate to derail a Corzine proposal to let local government skip pension payments until after his reelection.

All of the above are reasonable and realistic steps, that few could rationally argue against and that even fewer can see reason not to accept.

So we are quite proud of Senator Beck. We are proud of her many legislative initiatives targeted at turning things around New Jersey, including the aforementioned bipartisan proposal.

We are proud of her many efforts to open the legislative process up to the public, eliminate government corruption and to reform government in New Jersey. We are also proud of and grateful for her taking the lead once again and demanding that Governor Corzine at least try to effectively deal with the mess that he has only made worse up to now.

Continue to scroll down this page for previously posted updates regarding this campaign.  Also, be sure to click on the tabs at the bottom of the header for other information, including a a brief bio of the senator, her voting record, our petition and more.








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At a recent forum dealing with the current political climate in New Jersey , the state’s Democrat Party boss, Deputy Assembly Majority Leader Joe Cryan of Union County explained that in the upcoming election, the liberal choice for Lieutenant Governor on the democratic ticket must be a minority or a woman.

The party boss added that the nominee for Lieutenant Governor should be “someone who doesn’t look like the governor”. 

According to Cryan, Democrats must select a woman or a minority because they  “want to be inclusive” and “that’s important”.

We find that interesting.

It is interesting that the state’s chief Democrat party leader is seeking to bolster the chances of reelecting the state’s chief elected Democrat by creating a visual image of inclusion. Forget about being most qualified or the best person for the times we are in. Just base the decision on looks.  Select our leader based on skin color and sex.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we wish Democrats a lot of luck with that strategy.

They will need it. After all it isn’t Jon Corzine’s good looks that will win him reelection as Governor and it isn’t the color of ones skin or their sex which will get them elected.

And if the image of a minority or a woman is what they are looking for in a Lieutenant Governor, than they will like the Republican ticket with Jennifer Beck on it as our nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

However, we do not promote the candidacy of Jennifer Beck because she is a woman. Unlike the intentions of Democrats we have chosen Senator Beck based upon her record, leadership and ability. We believe that Jennifer Beck is the best person for Lieutenant Governor not because she looks the part but because she is right for the part.

Two of the most important issues facing New Jersey are the economy and ethics.

On both of those issues Jennifer Beck has been leading the way for reform, reform of a state economy that is stripping us of the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our economy and reform of the way that the state and it’s public servants conduct business.

In addition to that, Senator Beck brings a conservative approach to government without a politically partisan twist. Her appeal to Democrats, Republicans and independents alike proves her inclusive approach to governance. Her victories in strongly Democrat districts demonstrates her inclusiveness and proves that you do not need not be a minority to address minority concerns.

Of course it might just be time for New Jersey Democrats to try to prove that they can properly support and address woman and minorities. Republicans have not only elected minorities and women to the state legislature, unlike Democrats, New Jersey Republicans have also nominated women to the United States Senate and we have nominated and elected a female Governor.

One of New Jersey’s longest serving congressional representatives to Washington, D.C. was even a woman. A republican woman. So New Jersey Republicans have represented minoroities and woman for quite some time now.  New Jersey Democrats just have some catching up to do. 

Furthermore;  unlike Assemblyman Joe Cryan’s plea, New Jersey Republican women and minorities are capable, competent individuals who are selected because of their superior skill and leadership, not simply because they are a minority or a woman.

That is why those of us at the draft Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant Governor campaign are excited by the prospects of having Jennifer Beck as our nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

She is everything that Democrats like party Chairman Joe Cryan want in their own candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Perhaps running against the inclusive candidacy of Senator Beck is something that New Jersey Democrats fear.   And well they should.

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In the New Year,
we wish you the best year you’ve ever had,
and that each New Year
will be better than the last.
May you realize your fondest dreams
and take time to recognize and enjoy
each and every blessing.

Happy New Year,
And many more!

                                                                                          By Joanna Fuchs


from your friends at
Draft Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant Governor Campaign



During the next few days we will be handling some organizational business and setting the new year’s new agenda.


Posted by: Kempite | December 31, 2008


The new year will bring new opportunities and with your help we can take advantage of one of those opportunities by electing new leadership for New Jersey.

In the time coming, the draft Jennifer Beck for Lieutenant Governor effort will do all we can to bring that new leadership to the people.

During the days ahead we will continue to bring updates and instructions. but in the meantime, we thank you for your support and extend heartfelt wishes to you for all the best in all the days to come.


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